RDF Products is receptive to inquiries from qualified sales representatives.  Candidates should already have radio direction finding or related sales experience and must not represent any competitive organization or be engaged in the manufacture of radio direction finding equipment. 

RDF Products strongly prefers sales organizations having the necessary systems integration capability to function as value-added resellers.   This capability should include the software skills that are necessary to integrate RDF Products DF equipment with host computers, flux-gate compasses, GPS receivers, digital mapping displays, and other related peripherals. 

Sales representatives in foreign countries should have the facilities and technical skill necessary for equipment maintenance, repairs, and modifications as required. 

To inquire, please send us detailed information regarding your company (including web site address), customer base, system integration capabilities, and specific upcoming sales opportunities. (See contact information on our home page.) 


pdficon.gif (275 bytes) AN-001 - A User's Guide:  How To Shop For A Radio Direction Finding SystemA "must read" for the serious DF system user.  This Application Note helps the prospective buyer untangle the mysteries of the DF equipment selection process so that informed and cost-effective purchasing decisions can be made.  Topics include budgetary considerations, fundamental DF system configurations, mobile versus fixed-site DF systems, attributes of professional-quality DF systems, plus evaluating and dealing with the DF equipment vendor.  In PDF format.

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